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My entry for the 7DFPS & PROCAM 2021. Solodeveloped in under a week.
Inspired by Devil Daggers and Beat Saber.

A shooter where levels , spawns, enemy behaviour and all visuals are generated or react to the music being played.

How to play:
- WASD to move
- Space to jump
-Left mouse click to shoot(keep pressing to keep shooting)
-Right mouse click for a short-ranged burst(experimental)

Custom Levels:
You can use any music you want to create custom levels too. Just create a folder on  \SynthBeat_Data\StreamingAssets\Music and add any .mp3 files you want.

First loading probably will take a while, specially depending on how many musics you have there.

Credits and music:
Menu music is by my friend Lennon Barbosa, gameplay music by Aries Beats. I intend to create also a folder for local musicians to have their own levels as well. Feel free to send me your songs and I will upload in a later build!

Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorGui Santos
GenreAction, Rhythm, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tags7dfps, First-Person, FPS, Music, Procedural Generation, PROCJAM, Retro
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes


SynthBeat(7DFPS+PROCJAM Build).zip 74 MB


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What kind of a 4K monitor do I need to even see the whole menu? 0/10

Just a fullhd, its 1920x1080 the menu, I could work on it to make it more scalable, but couldn't do it in the jam spam, sorry man


I played this mostly with really heavy metal and died in a few seconds each time lol. I lasted quite a while during TNT by ACDC though. Amazing idea. If I had any suggestions, it would probably be to maybe just give you more than 1 health. I know the game is inspired by devil daggers but having to listen to the first few seconds of a song again and again can get a little too repetetive lol.

Thanks for the feedback, man! Yeah, I got that a lot, I guess it differs from devil daggers in that sense, will work on a update soon with healht and more stuff.

Intense! :) 

Well done. Love the Tron atmosphere. (Playing with some Daft Punk should be fun...)

That`s an awesome idea!  hahahaha

Nice. I enjoy the tunes.

Thanks! Will upload some more in the next build as well

In fact, I see we both mathe something like Devil Daggers hahaha. Pretty nice game, I always like when an existing game mixed with music and rythim!

Yeah Devil Daggers has such a great minimalistic game design that I feel it's a good starting point for tons of ideas. It was perfect for me to try to throw some music-gen stuff I've been thinking about

Great! Creative game and nice gameplay! Through the Fire and Flames will be the hardest level for sure :)

Thanks man! I will make a video playing that one later for sure lol